There are a lot of carnivals in the world, and particularly in Italy. One of the most famous one is in Venice. In here the most luxury, colorful, exquisite carnival of all Italy is held. This carnival attracts thousands of tourists each year and has become a symbolic event for Venice.

TomorrowLand is the largest EDM festival in the world at the moment. This festival has a weird attraction as it attracts thousand of visitors who are the fan of the genre : Electronic Dance Music or EDM. Being a modern festival as the first one was held in 2005, TomorrowLand succeded over 12 years and always one of the most hunted event in the world. Every EDM fan's wish list included visiting this festival before they die. All in all, this is a prime example of a modern festival done right, and always recommended to tourists who are the fan of the genre.

Some of the frequently-asked questions about Oktoberfest 2017 in case you want to be here this year. With this information, you might be better prepared as this is one of the most lively but also chaotic events of Germany and coming here unprepared seems to be unwise.

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