Experience an altogether different side of Dubai through Dubai off-roading

Come, hop into a 4WD with us at Skyland tourism and experience off-roading!

Take your very own voyage through Dubai with one of the city’s infamousoff-road experience. There is a tremendous assortment of territories you can enjoy on your Dubai Holidays – from immense desert scenes and exceptional‘Wadiyan’ (valleys) to exciting mountain drives with great landscape.

On the chance that you are an accomplished off-road driver.  You can even contract a 4WD and make your very own way. But, on the other hand you can also book in with one of the trustworthy 4WD visit administrators o your Dubai Holidays.

If you want a very rough encounter, the dune buggies and quad bicycles are all effectively available from the Dubai downtown area.

Experience the Desert Drives

To encounter the desert in stylecontact us at Skyland tourism. When you’ve grabbed your wheels, a great spot to start your off-roading in Dubai Holidays and learn is Fossil Rock on the way to Hatta. It is also known as Jebel Malaiha.

This expansive outcrop gets its name from the ancient marine fossils found on its slants. Fossil Rock is reachable by means of a sandy soil track. You can also make your very own way and genuinely investigate the striking red sand dunes. You can maybe visit the tremendous sand dune, Bidayer (“Big Red”) out on the Hatta to Oman Highway (E44).

This prevalent site has a decent assortment of dunes to coordinate every single driving level. On ends of the week and on occasions like summer vacations, it is humming with drivers flaunting the most recent buggies trick, quad bicycles and jeeps on their Dubai Holidays.

The desert Driveson your Dubai Holidays is the one for you if you are a beginners and easygoing wilderness off-roader.

Mountain Climbs

At short drive from Dubai, there are various fantastic and difficult mountain courses, for example, the 15km trek from the Nazwa Road to the Pink Rocks. When you are an off-roader on these rough terrainwhen on Dubai Holidays, head east to the Pink Rocks. These are open from Nazwa Road to one side of the Hatta expressway just before you achieve Big Red.

You would then be able to turn north and drive parallel to the ledge or south. Here you’ll discover a course up to the highest point of the stones, which is an incredible spot for photographs and a cookout lunch.

After all this on your Dubai Holidays, a short time later, work your way down north-north-west towards a huge open plain. When you hit the new street past Nazwa, swing left to return you to Dubai.

The Mountain Climb is for those tourists on their Dubai Holidays who are experienced off-roaders on rough terrain. And who know what they are doing.

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