The Private Boat Party

The Utopia Ibiza Boat is one of the private boats hirefor groups between 10 and 100 altogether in one boat.Ibiza is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean sea and this place located on the eastern coast of Spain. This private boat is organizing many parties such as stag parties, birthday parties, wedding parties and more. The Ibiza private boat company is leaving from San Antonio harbor.

Highlights of  Utopia Ibiza Boat

This company can legally only offer up to 12 people on the same boat no matter how big the yacht or they offer expensive and tandem boats. These private boats are the best commercial charter company with a capacity of up to 100 people and perfect for big groups. The Utopia Ibiza Boat has highlights below:

  • Amazing Sunset
  • Fun at sea
  • The only company for big groups on boats
  • Waterslides
  • All size groups
  • Paddle Surfs

 Type of Utopia Ibiza Boat

The private offer the best value private boat for big groups in Ibiza hands with free drinks, music, snorkeling, swimming, sunset, and amazing views. This Ibiza boat has three different types of boats to suit your need and the price is 45€ per person for a 3-hour private cruise. There are the following:

  1. Utopia 1: This type of boat is the middle size in the private boat company and it has a capacity of up to 80 people and there is a minimum of 14 paying guests.
  2. Utopia 2: This boat is one of the large sizes in Ibiza boat and it has a capacity of up to 100 people. Thereis a minimum of 40 paying guests.
  3. Utopia 3: This boat is the small size in the Ibiza boat and it has a capacity of up to 40 people. There is a minimum of 10 people.

Utopia Ibiza Boat Ticket

This boat has two different types of ticket. One normally does a 3-hour daytime 2  to 5 pm and mostly the sunset one 6-9pm. Another one is also doing 5 hour long cruises.

  1. The 3-hour private charter time is 2-5pm or 6-9pm. It is providing free drinks, music, swim step,  snorkel,  and sunset at Mambo. The normal time ticket price is 45€ per person.
  2. The 5-hour private charter is 2-7pm or 4-9pm. It is also providing free drinks, 2 swim stops, music, relax, and sunset at Mambo. The long cruises ticket price is 59€ per person

You are book ticket in this private boat and please contact this Utopia Ibiza Boatofficial website. You have any special request please contact this catering service, Strippers, andDj equipment. They are helping your needs.

5 Ways to Make Camping a More Luxurious Experience

Camping doesn’t have to be an SAS-style survival experience. The great outdoors can be as luxurious as a five-star hotel if you know how to turn camping into glamping. Here are some tips to make your next camping trip a luxe holiday.

Sort out your shelter
I’ve had one of my best holidays in a really cheap tent. But I was lucky. The weather was warm and dry, I had access to good facilities and the company was great. I’ve stayed in the same tent on a wet weekend and it’s been miserable. I can’t recommend a soggy sleeping bag. A high-quality tent or a luxury camper van can mean that your trip is fun and comfortable whatever the weather.

Food for thought
You can rely on camping meals from foil sachets, and flasks of tea. Or you can cook something you’ll enjoy. There’s a surprising selection of food that does not require refrigeration and can be cooked on a camping stove. Even some pasta and pesto with some locally bought bread will bring an air of sophistication. Most luxury campervans will have state of the art cooking and refrigeration facilities. A stainless steel French press of morning coffee and some long-life pain au chocolat will set you up for the day.

Make the outdoors, indoors
Just like many people treat their garden as an extra room for their home, you can treat the space outside your tent or luxury camper van like home. Some comfy inflatable chairs, some solar powered fairy lights and a Bluetooth speaker can make an open-air reception room to chill with your fellow campers. Remember to invest in some citronella candles to keep insects away.

Choose your location
Many campsites now have facilities for laundry, access for disabled campers and even swimming pools. You can search by facility and available activity on the Caravan Club’s website. Do you want peace and quiet, or somewhere child friendly? Do you want to be close to a town or in the heart of the country? It’s up to you.

Shop around
Campers are no longer restricted to forest-green plastics and utilitarian meal plates. Most supermarkets and many home wares shops now have picnic and camping ranges of crockery, cutlery and seating. Solar fairy lights, bunting and even feather boas can liven up your pitch.

With a bit of thought and a bit of cash you can lift your camping experience from run of the mill to cream of the crop. Happy camping!

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11 Reasons Why Traveling With The Family For Christmas Is Always A Great Idea

The holiday season is the perfect time for almost everything. The only thing that is much neglected during Christmas is the opportunity to travel.

Here are some reasons why traveling with the family for Christmas is always a great idea:

  1. The holiday season is the perfect time for family bonding. This is one of the more obvious reasons as to why you should travel during Christmas break since travel has the ability to create a bonding experience like no other.
  2. It is underrated to think of travel as a form of education for both the young and the old. Each family member would be happy to learn about the culture of the different places they get to visit this Christmas break.
  3. Travel also allows each and everyone in the family to truly appreciate the world. It’s not simply about taking pictures, it’s about seeing and experiencing the beauty the world has to offer.
  4. Stemming from the previous point, travel can also be very life-enriching. This life-enriching experience comes from the chance to be with the company of loved ones.
  5. Travel promotes interpersonal skills, self-confidence, independence, and so much more.
  6. Christmas breaks are considered as vacations. With travel, you get more out of these types of vacation. You get to fill your days with activities you normally don’t get to do during non-holiday seasons.
  7. Basically, if you think about it, gift-giving, vacation Christmas ornament, or any other form of materialistic experience is a necessity during the holiday season. However, travel provides you and your family with something far more important – the chance to spend time with them – and time is something you can never really get back once it has passed.
  8. If you are worried that traveling during the Christmas break will break the bank, think again. It’s a lot cheaper to fly during the holiday than what most people think. In fact, studies have confirmed that it’s a lot less expensive when it comes to holiday airfare.
  9. In addition to a more cheaper holiday airfare, the prices for hotels and other forms of accommodations aren’t so bad either. Consider this – the least expensive destination during the holiday break is a trip to Las Vegas which is only at $95 per night.
  10. Some dread the occasional gift-giving and vacation Christmas ornament during the holiday season. If you plan to travel, the actual experience is the Christmas present. You actually get to skip some of the more routinary activities during the holidays.
  11. By traveling over the holidays, you can finally eliminate the tedious task of party-planning. No more cleaning the dishes before your guests arrive and after they left; no more need to find that perfect Christmas outfit, and no more need for holiday decorations.

Sure, gift-giving and vacation Christmas ornament are some of the more traditional concepts during Christmas; however, believe it when we say that there is a number of reasons as to why traveling with the family this holiday season is always a great idea.

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How To Choose Best Travel Products While Traveling

Are you searching for the best travel website to buy your need products online? Then Shop Off The Map is the best option for you and it will provide you a lot of options. below, check out two interesting travel products.

  1. Multifunctional Travel Organizer

With this Multi-Functional Travel Organizer, you can able to keep your products effectively organized. This product is durable, lightweight, water resistant, and it is made of nylon with 100% high quality.

Features of Multi-Functional Travel Organizer:

  • Lightweight and ultra durable

The standard quality of this product makes it practical and good looking. Since it is of attractive color and designs, it will give the best mood. Without any burden, you can enjoy your travel with this water-resistant nylon material bag.

  • Design and application

This organizer or bag is suitable for toilets, office, travel, home, work, bedroom, outdoor and some other spots. Since it consists of multiple pockets, you can easily store your needed stuff. It is compact and portable.

  • Great looking and extraordinary quality

Sue to the waterproof resistant and durable nature, this bag will be like a new one, even after the usage for a long time. Zips of these bags are smooth and high quality and it is very safe and convenient. It will provide you the best user experience. This product is durable, lightweight, water resistant, and it is made of nylon with 100% high quality as already said.

  1. Multifunction Travel Bag

Basically, this travel bag is useful for gym goers. There are people, who will never skip workout even for one day. That type of people can grab this multifunction travel bag.

  • Useful for multiple purposes

For the purpose of boxing, swimming, camping, yoga, airplane luggage use, weekend day trip, beach, business trip, over night traveling and much more.

  • Duffel and Backpack 2 in 1

This bag is specially made of the double adjustable padded strap for hand and shoulder carrying via the chest fixed buckle. It can be used as a handbag or duffel or else backpack at the time of travel. The handle is made of canvas, so the grip will be comfortable and strong.

  • The material of durable water-repellent

With the water repellent features, it has been made up of 600D mercerized cotton fabrics. This will be perfect for securing your thing from gets wetting and able to carry heavy loads. Also, the inner polyester lining will strengthen the water resistance.