Camp Nou, the great stadium in Spain


Being one of the strongest country when it comes football, Spain has produced a lot of star players for the world like Ronaldo, Messy, Figo… Camp  Nou is the home of FC Barcelona, which is one of the strongest team in La Liga. Camp Nou is also the largest stadium in Europe and has seen a lot of World Cup, Euro, La Liga through the years. It is also open to the tourists for a fee, so fans of football should not miss this place during their trip to Barcelona.

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The stadium was originally equipped with approximately 120,000 seats after the expansion. Because of requirements of UEFA, the space was reduced to about 98,000 seats.

The Camp Nou stadium is 48 metres high, 250 metres long and 220 metres wide. In total, the stadium includes an area of 55,000 m2. All seats can be evacuated within 5 minutes. 
Temporary, it was supposed to get enlarged again so that there’s capacity for 115,000 spectators which would almost be the original capacity. However the plans were put on hold due to the club’s depts.

On 17 November 1982 Pope John Paul II visited Camp Nou and preached in front of 120,000 believers. He has been a member of FC Barcelona since then.

A football fan will certainly also be interested in the Museum of FC Barcelona. A highlight of the tour of the tour is a look at the stadium from the gallery.

The FC Barcelona, Barça or Futbol Club Barcelona

A view from the top via FC Barcelona

The Football Club Barcelona, or Barça (read: barssa), exsists since the 18th November 1899. Initiator was the Swiss-born Hans Gamber. The jersey colours red and blue are in honour of FC Basel, in which Gamber played as captain. The team of FC Barcelona traditionally takes the field without jersey advertising, which is certainly unique in professional football. Only from 2005, the FC Barcelona supports the own Foundation’s Children’s Fund UNICEF which also was the emblem of the organisation.

The FC Barcelona is with nearly 160,000 members the world’s largest association. Several sports sections, such as handball, football, hockey, basketball are counted among the FC Barcelona.

El Nou Camp Nou

One of greatest stadium in present time via Foster+Partners

The draft of the new stadium extension was presented to the public, on 22 September 2007. The renowned architectural firm Norman Foster received the contract for the planning or the stadium renovation. The renovation plans were put on hold for now, due to the club’s heavy depts. Little projects, like for example the new constructions of the basketball stadium are preffered.

The aim of the new building was to give the stadium its own distinctive appearance, with the unmistakable connection to the FC Barcelona. In addition, there will be some improvements. There will be new VIP areas, the logistics will be improved facilities for the media will be improved, barriers for people with disabilities fall away. And most important, the stadium almost gets its old capacity back. In the Nou Camp Nou 115,000 people are supposed to be able to watch a football game, it is then the largest football stadium in the world.

The facade can be illuminated similar to the Allianz Arena in Munich, adjustable to the time of day and the event. Also modernistic elements can be found in the stadium.

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