What do I require to understand about Bangkok?

  • At over 9,000 km far from the UK, Bangkok is seven hours ahead of GMT.
  • Thailand’s money is the Thai Baht, which is split into 100 satangs. For a rough conversion, 100 Bahts has to do with ₤2.50.
  • Bangkok has two airport terminals: Suvarnabhumi International Flight Terminal for global flights and Don Muang for domestic and spending plan airline companies.
  • You’ll more than likely be flying right into Suvarnabhumi, for a quick hassle-free means into the city, capture the Airport terminal Rail Link. It’s a 30-minute journey into downtown Bangkok, running from 6 am till midnight. Although it deserves keeping in mind that if there are more than three in your party, a taxi will be extra cost-effective.
  • There will be a lot of temples to see, so ensure you’re dressed appropriately. Avoid tight-fitting clothing and have alternatives that cover your shoulders, and in some cases, your knees. Yes, it’s hot, but a long floaty number will keep you comfy and conventional. Be prepared whenever you will be asked to take your shoes off.

When should I go?

  • Bangkok’s weather condition is separated right into three main periods: hot (March to June) rainy (July to October) as well as awesome (November to February).
  • The ‘trendy’ period is the most popular time to see as temperature levels average 28ºC (so “awesome” had the same interpretation in the UK, as well as the climate continues to be dry.
  • The optimum time to see is late November and very early December when the city has actually dried after the rainy period; however, prior to the vacation crowds start coming in.
  • If you’re keen to join in with regional celebrations, visit in time for Thai New Year for the biggest water fight you’ve ever before seen, 2020’s days are 13-15 April.

Where should I stay?

Since you know what to do as well as when to visit, you’ll require to find a location to relax your head. Amongst best places to stay, you can find best value hotel Bangkok by clicking the link.

Caleb Harding

Caleb Harding

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