5 Ways to Make Camping a More Luxurious Experience

Camping doesn’t have to be an SAS-style survival experience. The great outdoors can be as luxurious as a five-star hotel if you know how to turn camping into glamping. Here are some tips to make your next camping trip a luxe holiday.

Sort out your shelter
I’ve had one of my best holidays in a really cheap tent. But I was lucky. The weather was warm and dry, I had access to good facilities and the company was great. I’ve stayed in the same tent on a wet weekend and it’s been miserable. I can’t recommend a soggy sleeping bag. A high-quality tent or a luxury camper van can mean that your trip is fun and comfortable whatever the weather.

Food for thought
You can rely on camping meals from foil sachets, and flasks of tea. Or you can cook something you’ll enjoy. There’s a surprising selection of food that does not require refrigeration and can be cooked on a camping stove. Even some pasta and pesto with some locally bought bread will bring an air of sophistication. Most luxury campervans will have state of the art cooking and refrigeration facilities. A stainless steel French press of morning coffee and some long-life pain au chocolat will set you up for the day.

Make the outdoors, indoors
Just like many people treat their garden as an extra room for their home, you can treat the space outside your tent or luxury camper van like home. Some comfy inflatable chairs, some solar powered fairy lights and a Bluetooth speaker can make an open-air reception room to chill with your fellow campers. Remember to invest in some citronella candles to keep insects away.

Choose your location
Many campsites now have facilities for laundry, access for disabled campers and even swimming pools. You can search by facility and available activity on the Caravan Club’s website. Do you want peace and quiet, or somewhere child friendly? Do you want to be close to a town or in the heart of the country? It’s up to you.

Shop around
Campers are no longer restricted to forest-green plastics and utilitarian meal plates. Most supermarkets and many home wares shops now have picnic and camping ranges of crockery, cutlery and seating. Solar fairy lights, bunting and even feather boas can liven up your pitch.

With a bit of thought and a bit of cash you can lift your camping experience from run of the mill to cream of the crop. Happy camping!

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Caleb Harding

Caleb Harding

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